Technical and support

Technical and Support

SiraView enables you to access and view footage from many CCTV formats using just one viewer. Our bespoke software is a multi-format decoder, rather than a ‘wrapper’ for the CCTV manufacturers’ proprietary software. The codecs currently supported are:

ISO 17025 accreditation

We can provide documentation to demonstrate that SiraView will meet a laboratory's requirements for imported software as part of an ISO 17025 accreditation. Sira is in a unique position to be able to demonstrate this as a result of our reverse engineering approach and the fact that we write the vast majority of our own software so we have assurance of performance, accuracy and reliability, as mentioned in section 8.4 of the standard.

Pre-requisites and dependencies

SiraView requires Microsoft .Net 4.6.1

Note the following Visual C++ libraries must be installed to use version 3.5:

Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package - required to utilise the Tyco Intellex codec (Version 2008)

Visual C++2013 Redistributable – Require for H264 Exports when using the Full Feature Version of SiraView (NEW Requirement for v3.4)

Visual C++2015 Redistributable (NEW requirement for v3.5)

Maintenance and support

Our maintenance package entitles the user to:

•    SiraView updates issued within the maintenance period, comprising any additional formats, features and bug-fixes. New versions are released approximately twice-yearly.  
•    Email and Telephone support
•    Diagnostic work on examples of new formats  
•    Higher priority on the inclusion of new formats into future releases


SiraView is supplied as an MSI file for simple installation. Just download and run to install. (This package can be deployed via Group Policy for site-wide installation.)


For developers looking to build their own CCTV software and services, we offer a number of options: Sira Streams SDK (a low-level C/C++/C# API, similar to a CODEC pack), CCTV.exe command line tool, and integration focused configuration of SiraView, Please contact us for further information, or visit our developer pages.

CCTV formats

We implement support for these formats via a combination of working agreements with the original system manufacturer and in-house analysis of example data. As a consequence we cannot be 100% sure that any particular format is fully supported: we can only work from the data we have. In particular, where multiple variants of a given format exist, we might only support a subset, depending on the example data we have obtained.

The list below is an indication of the formats for which we have some level of support. We do offer a free trial of SiraView, and we encourage all our prospective customers to see for themselves whether SiraView can play their particular examples.

Decoder Also Known As File extension Released in Version
AD Holdings *.mjp v1.3 (U) v2.0
AData LJD Dedicated, JPEG2000 *.ajp *.aj0 *.aj? v1.1
Alnet Systems (AL Net) AS3000 *.vsd v1.2
Arnel Caps Viewer *.caps v1.1 (U) v2.1
ASL Remote Watch *.idx *.asl v1.2
AVE2 (H264 / JPEG / JPEG2000 variants) *.ave v3.5
AVE (JPEG2000, container A) *.ave v3.6
AVE (JPEG2000, container B) *.ave v3.6
AverMedia USBPlayback *.avf v1.2
Baxall Vivid *.vdf v1.2
Bosch Archive *.info v1.4
Bosch Archive (FFmpeg) *.info v3.5
Bosch Divar *.dvr v1.2
Bosch DXA2 (v2) *.dxa v3.5
Bosch MP4 *.mp4 v3.3
Cameo D1 *.log v1.1
Capita FLAC *.mkv v2.0
Cathexis *.sjpg v1.2
Cieffe Linearis (MPEG-4) *.avi v1.2
CNL Viewer Visiowave *.asf v1.4
COP Security Systems Corp (HAR) *.har v3.3
D and I *.d *.i v3.5
Dallmeier - via SDK * v3.0
Dallmeier MPEG2 *.mpg v1.2
DAV (3.0) / DHUA Technology Co. GenIV Technology IC Realtime, Inc ZLAVsupport *.dav v3.1
Dedicated Micros CD Download, Network *.dat *.idx *.dmi v2.1
Dedicated Micros Observer ArrivaVCR, Par Vu *.par *.idx *.vid v2.1
Dedicated Micros Observer (3.0) *.par v3.0
Dedicated Micros PAR (NetVuHD) *.par v3.5
Digieye SYAC FLM *.flm v3.5
DM Sprite *.dat v3.6
Honeywell Dowshu *.inx *.img v3.5
DIVX (Generic FFMPEG) *.avi v2.2
DRV *.drv v3.0
DV file *.dv v1.2
DV25 AVI *.avi v1.2
DVD Video *.ifo *.vob v2.0
DV-DIF (FFmpeg) *.dv *.dif
DVR / IDX Decoder *.dvr v3.6
DVR Videoplayer *.dvr v1.3
Faiveley X Track *.arc v1.4
GE Wavereader *.60d *.20d v1.1
Generic ADV601 *.* v3.0
Generic FFMPEG (3.0) *.* v3.2
Generic Folder of JPEGs *.jpg v3.1
Generic H264 (3.0) *.* v3.3
Generic H264 (7fps) *.* v3.5
Generic H264 (High frame rate) *.* v3.5
Generic H264 (I-Frames Only) *.* v3.5
Generic JPEG *.* v3.3
Generic MP4 (FFmpeg) *.* v3.6
Generic MPEG2 *.* v3.3
Generic MPEG2 (I-Frames Only) *.* v3.5
Generic MPEG4 (3.0) *.* v3.3
Generic MPEG4 (I-Frames Only) *.* v3.5
GeoVision *.avi v1.2
Geutebruck *.mbf v1.4
HeiTel *.hpx v1.2
HikVision MP4 (chx) *.mp4 v3.6
Honeywell (Generic FFMPEG) *.asf v2.2
Hitachi Kokusai *.hvs v3.3
Honeywell Remote Access Viewer *.dfv v1.3
IC Realtime, Inc *.dav v2.2
IMKH MP4 Decoder *.mp4 v3.6
Indigo Vision *.vmf *.mp4 *.ivi v2.1
Indigo Vision (FFmpeg, deinterlaced) *.mp4 *.ivi *.vmf v3.5
Indigo Vision (FFmpeg, no deinterlacing) *.mp4 *.ivi *.vmf v3.5
Intellex (Tyco) / Sensormatic Electronic Corp  - via SDK *.img v3.0
Intellex (single files) *.img v3.6
iRecord *.mjp v1.4
IVA *.iva v3.5
IVF *.ivf v3.5
IVF (4HKH) *.ivf v3.6
Kodicom (2.0) *.bix, *.box, *.kif v3.2
Kodicom Diginet Center *.kif, *.bix, *.box v3.1
Lenel (3.0) *.lnr v3.0
LJD Leviathan *.vmb,*.vdd,*.vdb v1.1
Loronix CCTVWare *.avi v1.2
Meerkat Index File *.ix v2.0
Meerkat Master Index File *.mix v1.1
Mitsubishi *.tlx v1.1
Mitsubishi V2 *.tlx v1.2
MV2 (H.264) *.mv2 v3.5
MV2 (JPEG) *.mv2 v3.5
New Wavestore *.dat v1.1
Nice NVF *.nvf v3.5
Nuvico NVDV2 *.image v1.3
NUX *.h264 v3.5
Octar/ Initial Electronic Systems *.cam, *.avi v1.4
Oggle *.vcr v1.2
OmniVision OVR 2200 *.avi v1.2
Pelco DX Decoder *.dat v3.6
Pelco Endura *.pef v1.2
Pelco PNS *.pns v2.0
Petards CryptoVision *.jlvz v1.2
Reveal Media (3.0) *.mov v3.2
RMS (3.0) *.rms *.rmi v3.5
Samsung SEC Variant 1 *.sec v3.6
Samsung SEC Variant 2 *.sec v3.6
Samsung SSF / DB2 *.ssf v3.6
Sanyo *.jpg, *.jp2, *.inf v1.4
Samsung RE4 *.re4 v3.3
Sekurflo AVI *.avi v3.6
Sira Video Index *.vix v1.1
Southeastern MPEG4 *.avi v1.1
Stork *.dvr v1.3
STRG *.strg v3.5
STU (Generic H.264) *.stu v3.5
SuperPlay *.bin *.dat v3.6
Synectics (IPP) *.dat v1.4
Synectics MPEG2 (FFmpeg) *.dat v3.6
Synectics Synav *.dat, *.sve v3.0
Synectics T1000 *.iix,*.idt,*.pix,*.pdt v2.0
Tecton Darlex *.vid v2.0
Tecton Nucleus *.tav v3.1
Teleste MoRIS *.rec v1.2
TimeSpace X100 PCLink X100 *.oba v1.1
TimeSpace X200 PCLink X200 *.xba v1.1
TL5K *.dat v3.5
Tomohawk MJP *.mjp v1.1
Uniplayer *.umv v1.3
User defined *.JSON *.LUA v3.6
UVMS PI Vision *.ocf v1.4
V4 Player *.svm v1.1
VFS4 *.vfs4 v3.5
ViconNet *.vsb, *.0, *.1, *.2 v1.4
Vid (HEdvr) *.vid v3.6
Vid (HN10) *.vid v3.6
Vid, Vih (ddvr) *.vid v3.6
VideoSwitch *.vdm v1.1
Vigilant Export Viewer MP4 *.mp4 v2.0
Vigilant Export Viewer MP4 (V2) (3.0) *.mp4 v3.2
Vigilant Export Viewer MPEG2 *.mpg v2.0
Viola *.h264 v3.5
Viseum Evidence Locker *.vis v1.4.4
Visimetrics JPEG2000 .avi, *.cam v1.4
Visimetrics MPEG2 *.avi v1.4
Vista Smart Player *.idx v1.4
VOB-DVD (MPEG-PS) *.vob v3.5
VSE MPEG4 variant *.vse v1.3
WMV (with extra timing) (3.0) *.wmv v3.2
XBA *.xba v3.6
Milestone XProtect (3.0) *.idx, *.blk, *.xml v3.2
XTrack (MPEG) *.* v3.4

New Decoders

It is our experience that the CCTV footprint varies from area to area depending on a wide range of factors.  It is important both for the user and the credibility of SiraView that we maximise the CCTV that we can play as soon as possible. If users identify CCTV footage that will not play, these files can be submitted to Sira for analyses and a plan of implementation put forward.