SiraView Thick Client Integration


Load. Review. Convert.

Load, review and convert video using SiraView. Configure export types and locations, and capture user metadata.


Configure Export Location

The SiraView configuration file allows an Administrator to specify settings such as: which type of export formats are enabled, where can the user save the converted files. In conjunction with a folder-monitor tool, a DEMS system can pick up the converted files as the user produces them.

These features can also be used to prevent the user from exporting very large files (tens of GB) to inappropriate locations (such as roaming profile folders).


User Workflows

Capture user metadata (for example crime reference number, etc.) through an Administrator-configurable XML file.

The user will be prompted to fill in the metadata at various, configurable, points in the workflow: e.g. when they try to load a video, if the load fails, or if they perform an export.

The metadata is exported alongside the converted video files.