Sira Streams SDK



A low-level SDK that provides access to SiraView's underlying decoder model. Your application will have access to a set of decoders, which expose streams that provide decompressed samples.

We encourage other developers to use our technology, however we do need to know a bit about your application. Your first step is to get in touch and have a conversation about your planned application and the various licensing options and commercial arrangements we have available.


Contact us and we will give you access to our NuGet package server, where you can download the SDK development, deployment and runtime packages.


Streams SDK has a C-style API and a C# interop Assembly. The SDK package includes documentation and examples to get you started. You need to register with us to obtain a development key.

Follow the tutorial.


To deploy a SiraView Streams SDK-based application to a user's machine, you will need to make sure that the binary contents of the SDK are available on the target system(somewhere where your app can find it). To make this easier, we have provided an installer Merge Module (msm) in the Runtime Components Package. You do not have to use this Merge Module - it is sufficient to simply copy the binaries to the target machine.

The Runtime Compoments Package also includes a Merge Module for the Intellex COM components. These MUST be installed or else the Intellex Decoder will not load any files. You do not have to use the provided installer, but it is not enough just to copy the files to the target machine; as COM components the Intellex binaries must be registered on the target machine (in the system registry). The easiest way to do this is to use the supplied Merge Module, or failing that use the Installer (MSI) included in the SDK package (\thirdparty folder).


Sira uses licensing control software to help protect our intellectual property. When you are ready to begin deployment, contact us to discuss to obtain a deployment key.


Deployed applications may need to run an activation process if hardware-locked license controls are in place.