Integrating Sira Technology

You can incorporate our technology into your products in many different ways. Contact us for details and to discuss the best option for your application or service.


SiraView Thick Client Integrations

The quickest and easiest level of integration uses our SiraView thick client software as a starting point. We will work with you to configure user workflows, metadata capture and export formats and locations.


Sira Cloud Conversion Service - In Development

Our SaaS offering with a RESTful API. You will be able to submit conversion jobs to our service and we will analyse your data and extract and convert video and audio streams into standard H.264 MP4 files. 


Sira Streams SDK

The bedrock of our other products, our Streams SDK is a C/C++ developer library which you can incorporate directly into your own products.


Distributed as part of the Sira Streams SDK, CCTV.exe is a command-line interface for the SDK. It has modes to return results in a machine-readable format (JSON), and can be used as part of a server-side batch processing system. It allows for rapid analysis and conversion of CCTV data from the command line with minimal fuss.