The Universal Digital CCTV Viewing Software

SiraView: The Universal Digital CCTV Viewing Software

SiraView enables users to view many different CCTV formats using a single, easy-to-use user interface without the need to use each of the manufacturers' proprietary viewers.

SiraView is not just a wrapper for CCTV manufacturers' proprietary software - it is a unique decoding application. This preserves the evidential quality of the CCTV footage.



View it better.

Hundreds of formats, no loss of quality.

SiraView is the only universal CCTV viewer on the market. Our software facilitates playback of multiple formats within a single, intuitive user interface. Developed with the UK Police and Home Office, our software preserves the original evidential quality of your footage, while offering simple, high-volume, cost-effective navigation between multiple sources.


View it simply. 

Instant retrieval, automatic optimisation.

SiraView automatically recognises the file extension of any supported CCTV footage, meaning you don’t have to search for the right player every time. Whether you’re dealing with a major incident with hundreds of CCTV sources or a single piece of footage, SiraView’s consistent interface makes it quick and easy to load, access, review and synchronise your evidence.


View it now.

No processing, immediate review.

CCTV footage can be immediately viewed on a PC, without the need for lab processing. No more waiting for crucial evidence that could make or break an investigation. By superseding the CCTV manufacturers’ proprietary viewers, SiraView also frees up drive space, enabling faster running.


View it effectively. 

Minimal training, any machine.

Without any specialist expertise, any authorised staff member can instantly access footage. SiraView can be installed effortlessly and safely by a single user, or deployed across a whole organisation. Users can eliminate the virus risk of using multiple untested CCTV players, and will no longer need separate machines to isolate potential infection.